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  • The Best Palm University
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    Leading University in Oil Palm Education
    Institut Pertanian Stiper (Instiper) Yogyakarta
    is the only leading universities in Indonesia
    oriented plantation development.
  • Keunggulan Instiper
    The Excellence of INSTIPER
    Is the oldest plantation colleges (since 1958)
    Has Cooperated with More than 55 National Companies
    Provide Scholarship Bond
    Work Recruitmen has since Studying
    90% Post Graduated has Absorbed by Companies
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    INSTIPER re-engineering education system,
    namely by improving the quality of education models link and match
    through the University-Industry partnership program.

    INSTIPER Education System includes: Okkabun, Lectures,
    Practicum, PKL, Internships, Community Service and Research.
    The final task is done re-enggineering for
    improving the quality of graduates.

The Excellence of Instiper

Is the oldest plantation colleges (since 1958) with core competence and forestry plantations until nowdays and has cooperated with 55 companies.

Education Process

4 Education Process : 1. Basic: Okkabun and Public Lecture, 2. Class: Teory and Practice, 3. Work Interns and Apprentices, 4. Thesis.

Oil palm Competence

Has been a role model for the organization of special education in the field of oil palm. INSTIPER is known as The Best Oil Palm Undergraduate University in the Oil Palm field.

Bachelor Program

Faculty of Agriculture, Faculty of Technology Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry. Studies have 5: Agro Technology, Agribusiness, Agricultural Engineering, Agricultural Technology, and Forestry.

Master Degree

Graduate with plantation management competence (Master of Plantation Management), to print a special professional managers and business people in plantation.

Scholarship Bond

INSTIPER already has a partnership link and match with plantation and forestry companies which is performing education programs with scholarship bond.

News & Information

Scholarship Program Technical Training Palm Plantation Equivalent Diploma I

Scholarship Program Technical Training Palm...

Dikirim: 10/10/2016 (01:20)
At the Auditorium of the INSTIPER Yogyakarta, dated August 12, 2016 has held the Opening Lecture for the Scholarship Program Technical Training Palm Plantation Equivalent Diploma I cooperation between...
INSTIPER Reforest Slopes of Merapi

INSTIPER Reforest Slopes of Merapi

Dikirim: 10/10/2016 (01:20)
In a series of anniversary events Sleman to 100 years, INSTIPER participated by initiating Movement "Plant Dua Ribu Gori" as the first step of the movement "Merapi". The idea of...
Graduation INSTIPER March 2016

Graduation INSTIPER March 2016

Dikirim: 07/10/2016 (06:10)
On Saturday, March 26 2016 INSTIPER held a graduation ceremony with 405 graduates from undergraduate programs and 2 of the graduate program, which consisted of 293 graduates from the Faculty of...

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Selasa, 27 Oktober 2015 bertempat di Auditorium INSTIPER Yogyakarta, telah dilaksanakan penandatanganan 2 (dua) Nota Kesepahaman yaitu : More

Pembukaan Kuliah Tahun Akademik 2015/2016

Selasa 18 Agustus 2015 lalu, INSTIPER menyelenggarakan Pembukaan Kuliah Tahun Akademik 2015/2016 bertempat di Kampus INSTIPER Maguwoharjo Yogyakarta.... More

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Berdasarkan hasil Tes Wawancara yang telah dilaksanakan pada tanggal 3 Juli dan 3 Agustus 2015, maka kami umumkan nama-nama yang berhak mengikuti... More

Pengumuman Hasil Tes Tertulis I 12 Juni 2015...

Berdasarkan hasil Tes Tertulis yang telah dilaksanakan pada tanggal 12 Juni 2015, maka kami umumkan nama-nama yang berhak mengikuti tes selanjutnya... More


INSTIPER Yogyakarta telah menyelenggarakan Two Days Roundtable Meeting HRD & Research On Oil Palm Plantation pada tanggal 8 dan 9 April 2015 di... More