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Graduation INSTIPER March 2016

Graduation INSTIPER March 2016

On Saturday, March 26 2016 INSTIPER held a graduation ceremony with 405 graduates from undergraduate programs and 2 of the graduate program, which consisted of 293 graduates from the Faculty of Agriculture, 72 graduates of the Faculty of Agricultural Technology and 40 graduates of the Faculty of Forestry, while the PhD course as much as two graduates so that the number of INSTIPER alumni to date has reached 12 286 people and 126 people Bachelor Degree (S2).

From 405 graduates, 110 were awarded Bachelor Cumlaude / praise. On this occasion too, has graduated 30 Bachelor Palm Oil scholarship program PT Asian Agri, 22 Bachelor of Engineering Palm Oil Industry, scholarship programs Wilmar Group, 18 Bachelor of Industrial Plant Forest scholarship program PT Riau Andalan Pulp and Paper, 11 Bachelor of Palm Oil scholarship program Agro Tbk PT Bumitama Gunajaya 5 Undergraduate scholarship program palm plantation PT AMARA, 4 Undergraduate scholarship program palm plantation PT Anugerah Energitama and 4 Undergraduate scholarship program PT Sampoerna Agro.

Moreover for the first time, INSTIPER gave special competence certificate to the Bachelor of Forestry who has followed a competency test INSTIPER cooperation with the Indonesian Forestry Profession Certification Institute (LSP-HI).

In this graduation, INSTIPER doing development on the graduation procession with a new concept. Graduation procession carried a shorter, more solemn, and thereafter will be implemented INSTIPER relationship between the parents and family of graduates, to further tighten the brotherhood between INSTIPER as a large family with parents and families of graduates.

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