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Introducing INSTIPER

Instiper was built on 10th December 1958 by Yayasan Pendidikan Kader Perkebunan (YPKP), an education foundation that develops plantation fields higher education.
In the beginning, Instiper was named as sekolah Tinggi Perkebunan (STIPER). This university was build as a respon to the compliance towards plantation human resources.The plantaion human resources shortage was due to the change of the plantation ownership, from the Dutch into the native.
Goals of INSTIPER education:
a)    To create intellectuals and professioanls in plantations field of work, forestry and agricultural technology, who possess plantation principles management and have a responsibility towards their future as well as their country, Republic of Indonesia.
b)    To prepare and create complete and quality scholars that having an exellence academic comparative and competitivevalue, soft skill, characters and perception,so that they could contribute to people around them and develop any competence individually.
c)    To assist the proffesionals and entrepreneurs in plantation, forestry and agricultural technology.

INSTIPER conducts two education degree programs, i.e. bachelor degree (S-1) and master degree (S-2).Bachelor degree has 5 study programs, they are Agrotechnology, Agribusiness, Agricultural Engineering, Technology of AgriculturalProduct, and  Forestry. Whereas master degree is plantation management (Magister Manajemen Perkebunan), which is to create professionals manager and businessman, especially in plantation field.
The educationalprocees in Instiper consists of 3 stages :
1.    Basic : Okkabun and general class
2.    Class of theory and practice
3.    Work practice and apprentice

Student Activity

Student Activity

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