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Instiper Yogyakarta's Profile


Why people choose INSTIPER ?

•    Instiper is a leading private university in agriculture, plantation and forestry
•    The first university that has competence in plantation.
•    Guided by 21 professors, 36 doctors, 124 masters.
•    Having partnership with 26 agenciesin job recruitment.
•    Having field laboraroties and dorminatory in 5 districts.
•    The best agrirucultural private university in national according to BAN
•    Graduated more than6500scholars that most of them get the job quikly.
•    Classes are lectured by proffesionals and famous lecturers.
•    Experienced Management.
•    Has networks with many agencies and big companies.
•    Conducted by experienced and good education foundation.


Student Activity

Student Activity

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