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The Facilities of Campus
Instiper has Two Campus Units , i.e:

First Campus (Central Unit) , located in Maguwoharjo, consists of :
1.    Management (central) building
2.    "Sawit" building with 5 floor ( Faculty of Agriculture).
3.    "Karet" building with 4 floor ( Faculty of Agricultural Technology).
4.    "Jati" building with 3 floor (Faculty of Forestry).
5.    2 floor of Pilot Plant dan Bengkel building.
6.    Library and Laboratory building.
7.    Central Laboratory building (2 floor)
8.    Student Centre building (2floor).

Second Campus located  in Papringan :
1.    "Kopi" building (Magister Management Perkebunan (MMP) (4 floor)
2.    "Kakao" building (3 floor) Special (vocational) Program.
3.    "Tebu" building (2 floor)Special (vocational) Program.
The Plantation Facilities
I. Plantation for education and observation  (KP.2)
1.    Ungaran estate, 16,5 Ha area (vaious commodities plantation, forestry and Stockbreeding) - STIPER Edu Agro Tourism
2.    Glagaharjo estate, 4 Ha area (higher altitude commodities collection)
3.    Maguwo estate, 1,5 Ha.area (horticulture collection)
4.    Mangrove Laboratory in Pemalang, Central Java

II. Production Estate
1.    PemalangEstate  (75 ha)
2.    PulosariEstate (4 ha)

INSTIPER also has many facilities to support student’s academic activity, such as WEB library, free computer and internet hotspot, Laboratories, polyclinic center, student center, a field, center of information and registration and canteen.


Student Activity

Student Activity

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